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Quote #10

"I can't bring him back," said Elphaba. "I can't! I have no aptitude for sorcery! I never did! That was all a foolish campaign of Madame Morrible's which I rejected!" The six sisters looked at her askance. (

Elphaba seems afraid of her own magical powers here, as well as of her ability to take action and accomplish things. We do have to wonder whether Madame Morrible knew what she was saying to Elphaba during that career advising session. Did she tell Elphaba she had no sorcery skills in order to make her doubt herself? Or is Elphaba linking magic to Madame Morrible and refusing to embrace it because of that?

Quote #11

"We'll be back," she said. "This is an exercise in your education, not ours. Mark my words, my rump'll be served up rare on your finest Dixxi House porcelain dinner plates before the year its out." (

The parting shot by the Cow is really cutting and depressing. It's also interesting that Elphaba comes off as hopelessly naive here, given her normal sarcasm and cynicism. This actually recalls her attitude toward the Wizard while at Shiz; she is convinced that he'll stop his anti-Animal campaign once he hears good evidence about the Animals' origins.

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