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Quote #10

"Oh I know you have your silly boys on the edge, forgettable things. Good for one thing only and not even reliable at that. But I digress." (

Madame Morrible, we are raising our eyebrows at you here, in a Spock-like fashion. We do find it kind of hilarious that, along with Nanny, Madame Morrible is the character most likely to spout off some sort of feminist zinger or girl-power pep talk.

Quote #11

"At any rate, the Wizard needs some agents. He requires a few generals. In the long run. Some people with managing skills. Some people with gumption."

"In a word: women." (

Madame Morrible has a very interesting assessment of women here. The words she uses to describe them are typically associated more with men, like "generals" and "gumption."

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