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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Quotes

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Good vs. Evil Quotes

Frex was aware that the Clock of the Time Dragon combined the appeals of ingenuity and magic – and he would have to call on his deepest reserves of religious conviction to overcome it. If his...

Fate and Free Will Quotes

Why shouldn't I know if I was being a pawn of the Wizard? I could tell when I was being manipulated by that harridan, Madame Morrible. I learned something about prevarication and straight talking b...

Guilt and Blame Quotes

"But the fault is mine --" began Glinda. "You would do me more good if you hushed, sweet Galinda, my duck," said Ama Clutch gently, and patted Glinda's hand. (

Family Quotes

Well, the family always was bright, and brightness, as you know, decays brilliantly. Madness is the most shining way. (

Religion Quotes

If you could take the skewers of religion, those that riddle your frame, make you aware every time you move – if you could withdraw the scimitars of religion from your mental and moral system...

Memory and the Past Quotes

Elphaba the girl does not know how to see her father as a broken man. All she knows is that he passes his brokenness on to her. Daily his habits of loathing and self-loathing cripple her. Daily she...

Language and Communication Quotes

The words were archaic, even ridiculous, but they worked.... Before he had even begun, they all looked guilty as sin. (1.3.1)

Defeat Quotes

Elphie clenched her fists and tried to keep from striking herself. "Liir gone too," she said. "I came here to make my apologies to Sarima and I lost Liir in the bargain. Am I good for nothing in th...

Life, Consciousness, Existence Quotes

"I wouldn't mind leaving myself behind if I could, but I don't know the way out." (

Versions of Reality Quotes

"But you try very hard at life, and so I will tell you this. I am the guardian of the book, and I was brought to this dreaded, forsaken land to watch over the book's history, to keep it from gettin...

Gender Quotes

"I know this: The wickedness of men is that their power breeds stupidity and blindness," she said. "And of women?" "Women are weaker, but their weakness is full of cunning and an equally rigid mora...

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