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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West


by Gregory Maguire

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West Volume 2, Chapter 3, Part 6 Summary

How It All Goes Down

  • Ama Clutch has a very modest funeral, and everyone is mad at Madame Morrible for not spending more on the affair.
  • Morrible calls Elphaba, Nessa, and Glinda into her office after the funeral service. She refuses to let Nanny accompany them.
  • Morrible says that Ama Clutch misunderstood what she saw and that Grommetik just happened to be at the scene of Dillamond's murder; he didn't kill anyone.
  • Morrible then puts a spell on the girls and forces them to listen to her wacky proposal: she wants all three to become "adepts," or secret agents, for the Wizard and to work in different regions of Oz doing the Wizard's work.
  • As Morrible puts it:

    "He requires a few generals. In the long run. Some people with managing skills. Some people with gumption. In a word, women." (

  • She then goes on to flatter all the girls, explaining why she chose them for the "special" task. Apparently all of them are strong and have spirit and a knack for leadership.
  • So in the future Glinda will rule Gillikin, Elphaba will rule Munchkinland, and Nessa will rule the Quadling Country.
  • She then puts a silencing spell on all the girls so that they can't discuss this with anyone, even each other, and sends them on their way.
  • After the meeting, the friends decide to go have a drink in honor of Ama Clutch.
  • Glinda feels sick and disoriented and can't quite recall what Morrible spoke with them about earlier.
  • Nessa and Glinda both faint, and Elphaba tells Glinda to snap out of it.
  • The rest of the gang decides to go out to the Philosophy Club.
  • Nanny leads a protesting Nessa away to catch a cab back home.
  • Elphaba also refuses to go and drags Glinda off with her. She tells Glinda, "we're going to see the Wizard, come what may and hell to pay" (
  • We don't remember those lyrics from the 1939 movie.

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