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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


by Jean Rhys

Annette Cosway Mason Timeline and Summary

  • After her husband dies, Annette tries to keep things together on the Cosway estate.
  • She goes out riding on her horse – the next day, her daughter Antoinette finds the horse poisoned. Annette suspects that her servant Godfrey knows what happened.
  • Annette calls in a doctor to examine her son, Pierre. Although the novel doesn't state the doctor's diagnosis, Annette is devastated and barely talks to anyone, let alone her daughter. She wanders the house talking to herself.
  • Annette sees Antoinette one day wearing a dirty dress on the same day that she meets the Luttrells. Annette sells her jewelry to buy them both new dresses. Annette begins to socialize again, this time with the Luttrells.
  • Annette marries Mr. Mason, a wealthy plantation owner. They go on a honeymoon while her children stay with Aunt Cora.
  • Back at Coulibri, she tries to convince Mr. Mason that it's too dangerous for them there. Mr. Mason dismisses her.
  • As the rioters gather outside the house, Annette notices smoke coming from Pierre's room and runs in to save her son. As they leave Coulibri, she tries to save her parrot, Coco, but Mr. Mason pulls her out, kicking and screaming.
  • Annette yells at Mr. Mason and blames him for the death of her son and Coulibri. She is overheard by Antoinette.
  • Mr. Mason leaves Annette in a house outside Spanish Town to be cared for. When Antoinette visits Annette, Antoinette sees a man give Annette alcohol and molest Annette.
  • Annette's funeral is attended by Antoinette.