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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


by Jean Rhys

Antoinette Mason Rochester Timeline and Summary

  • Antoinette lives at Coulibri with her mother, Annette Cosway, and her brother, Pierre Cosway; her father has recently passed away.
  • Antoinette comes across her mother's dead horse on the estate.
  • Since her mother refuses to interact with her ever since her brother became ill, Antoinette seeks the company of Christophine, who sings her sad songs in patois.
  • Antoinette becomes friends with Tia, who initially calls her racist names. Antoinette and Tia have an argument over a bet, and are no longer friends.
  • Antoinette meets her mother's friends the Luttrells.
  • That night, Antoinette has a nightmare where she is chased by a hostile stranger through a dark forest.
  • Antoinette is a bridesmaid at her mother's wedding to Mr. Mason, and stays with Aunt Cora in Spanish Town when her mother leaves with Mr. Mason on their honeymoon.
  • When the family returns to Coulibri with Mr. Mason, their house is burned down by rioters. As they are about to escape, Antoinette sees Tia and runs toward her. The next thing she knows, she's been hit by a rock, and blood is streaming down her face.
  • Antoinette recovers from her injury at Aunt Cora's home in Spanish Town. Since her mother has become distraught after the death of her brother in the fire, Antoinette stays with Aunt Cora, and attends a convent school.
  • While at the convent school, Mr. Mason informs Antoinette that plans are being made for her marriage.
  • Antoinette dreams her nightmare for the second time. As Sister Marie Augustine comforts her, she flashes back to her mother's funeral.
  • Antoinette marries Edward Rochester. They go to Granbois, Dominica, for their honeymoon.
  • Antoinette and Rochester toast to their happiness. Antoinette shows him around Granbois and its environs.
  • While at first wary, Antoinette eventually grows to trust Rochester and they consummate their marriage.
  • Their relationship cools when Rochester receives a letter slandering Antoinette and her family.
  • Antoinette fights with Amélie, her servant.
  • Antoinette seeks help from Christophine, who gives her an obeah potion.
  • Believing that her attempt to clear her name with Rochester has failed, Antoinette drugs him in order to seduce him.
  • On discovering that Rochester has slept with her maid, Antoinette flees back to Christophine's house, where she stays for an indeterminate period of time.
  • When she returns to Granbois, she confronts Rochester. The argument quickly gets out of control: she bites him and threatens him with a broken bottle.
  • Antoinette is taken by Rochester back to Spanish Town.
  • Antoinette is taken by Rochester to his manor in England, where she is locked up in a high room and guarded by Grace Poole.
  • While confined, Antoinette has a tenuous hold on her memory and her sense of self. She dimly remembers the voyage across the sea to England, and she vaguely recalls trying to seduce a man to help her escape.
  • Antoinette escapes when Grace Poole is asleep, and comes across two female guests at the house who believe she is a ghost.
  • When Richard Mason visits her, Antoinette attacks him with a knife when he refuses to help her out of her marriage.
  • Antoinette pulls out a red dress from the closet, which reminds her of her affair with Sandi Cosway.
  • Antoinette has her nightmare for the third and last time. In the nightmare, she escapes from the room and sets fire to the house. She ends up on the roof, and jumps.
  • When Antoinette wakes up, she lets herself out of the room with only a candle to light her way down the hall.