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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


Jean Rhys

Christophine Timeline and Summary

  • Antoinette seeks Christophine's company when her mother ignores her after Pierre falls ill.
  • Christophine discovers that the daughter of her friend Maillotte, Tia, has been taunting Antoinette and arranges for Tia and Antoinette to become friends.
  • Christophine walks in when Antoinette thinks she may have found an obeah charm in her room; Christophine acts like nothing is wrong.
  • Christophine does not show up to wish Antoinette a good night as she usually does on the night that the Coulibri estate burns down, but shows up later that night when everybody in the house has gathered. During the fire, Christophine helps to put out the fire.
  • At Granbois, Christophine is among the servants who welcome Antoinette and Rochester.
  • Christophine serves Antoinette and Rochester coffee in bed on their first morning.
  • After Rochester receives a letter from Daniel Cosway/Boyd, Christophine leaves Granbois, saying that she doesn't want to come between Antoinette and Rochester. As she leaves, she threatens Amélie.
  • Christophine gives Antoinette an obeah potion to give to Rochester.
  • Antoinette arrives at Christophine's after giving the potion to Rochester, with disastrous results. Christophine returns to Granbois with Antoinette, and yells at Rochester.

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