Wide Sargasso Sea
Wide Sargasso Sea
by Jean Rhys
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Wide Sargasso Sea Part II, Section 2 Summary

  • Rochester flashes back to his courtship of Antoinette.
  • It is unclear exactly how Rochester's marriage to Antoinette was arranged, but he arrived in Jamaica ready to play the part of a devoted suitor. He doesn't remember much of the wedding – he doesn't even remember what Antoinette looked like. He does remember the weird looks the guests gave him, but he's not sure exactly why they were acting so strangely.
  • He then thinks back to the day before the wedding. Richard Mason informed him that Antoinette was unwilling to go through with the wedding. Rochester asked Antoinette why, and she said it was because she was afraid. Rochester did some smooth-talking to make her feel better, and the wedding was back on.

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