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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


by Jean Rhys

Wide Sargasso Sea Part III, Section 3 Summary

  • In Antoinette's room, there is a high window and an open bed. Next to a small dressing room is another room hung with tapestries. Antoinette thinks she sees an image in one of the tapestries of her mother dressed in an evening gown with bare feet.
  • There's no mirror, so Antoinette doesn't know what she looks like. She's not sure who or where she is.
  • Through the tapestry room is a passageway, where Antoinette spies Mrs. Poole whispering with Leah. Although the room is kept locked up, Antoinette knows where Mrs. Poole hides the keys.
  • When Mrs. Poole is asleep, Antoinette steals the keys and slips out into the passage. However, she doesn't think she's in a real house, but a cardboard one. She has heard that she's in England, but she doesn't believe it.
  • She remembers being on board a ship to England. She tried to get a young man who brought her food to help her, but Rochester caught her. She was drugged to sleep and, when she awoke, she noticed that the sea was different. But she still doesn't believe she's in England – just a cardboard world.

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