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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


by Jean Rhys

Reading Quizzes

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Sample of Reading Quizzes

Part I, Section 1


1. Who is Christophine?
2. What happens to Mr. Luttrell?
3. What was the cause of the horse's death?
4. Why, according to Tia, is it OK that she took the narrator's pennies?
5. What else does Tia take from the narrator?
6. Whom does the narrator's mom marry?
7. Who moves into Nelson's Rest?
8. Why is Nelson's Rest considered unlucky?
9. Why doesn't Mr. Mason approve of Aunt Cora?
10. Who is Richard?
11. Why, according to the narrator, do the blacks in the community like her family less now?
12. According to Annette, which character fails to keep promises?
13. According to Myra, what happens to people after they die?
14. What does the narrator think would have happened to Annette if she hadn't married Mr. Mason?
15. Why does the narrator think it would be bad to lose her wooden plank?
16. Why does Annette run into the narrator's room?
17. Who was notably missing from Pierre's room?
18. Why does Annette want to turn back and go into the house?
19. Who is Coco and what happens to him?
20. Why does the gang calm down?
21. What does Tia do as the narrator runs to her?


1. Christophine is the former slave of the narrator's family.
2. He shoots his dog and then gets lost at sea.
3. The horse was poisoned.
4. Tia thinks that the narrator didn't do an underwater somersault well enough.
5. Tia steals the narrator's dress.
6. She marries Mr. Mason.
7. Another family that calls themselves the Luttrells.
8. Nelson's Rest seems unlucky because it's where Mr. Luttrell lived until he went crazy.
9. He disapproves of her because she was a slave owner, too. However, unlike the narrator's family, she escaped to Spanish Town and didn't have to live in poverty.
10. Richard is Mr. Mason's son.
11. They dislike her family now because Mr. Mason is rich.
12. Mr. Mason
13. They all go to hell (unless they belong to her religion, but even then it isn't a guarantee).
14. The narrator thinks that Annette would have died.
15. She believes that nobody can hurt her when it's nearby.
16. She runs into the narrator's room because a group of people has set fire to the house and Pierre is trapped in there.
17. Myra was not there, even though she was supposed to be taking care of Pierre.
18. She wants to save her parrot from the fire.
19. Coco is Annette's parrot. He catches on fire.
20. They calm down because it's unlucky to see a parrot die.
21. Tia throws a rock at the narrator's face.