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Wide Sargasso Sea

Wide Sargasso Sea


by Jean Rhys

Rochester Timeline and Summary

  • Rochester and Antoinette arrive in Granbois, Dominica for their honeymoon.
  • In a flashback, Rochester thinks of how he'd been in Jamaica for only a month before he married Antoinette, and he'd been ill for most of that month.
  • Rochester and Antoinette toast to happiness with a couple of glasses of rum.
  • Antoinette shows Rochester to Mr. Mason's former dressing room, where Rochester writes a letter to his father.
  • In a flashback, Rochester remembers that Antoinette had almost called off the wedding, but he had gone to her to convince her to marry him.
  • Rochester gets to know Antoinette as they share meals together and tour the estate.
  • Eventually, Rochester consummates his marriage with Antoinette.
  • Rochester receives a letter from a man claiming to be Daniel Cosway. The letter is filled with malicious attacks on Antoinette and her family.
  • Stunned by the letter, Rochester goes for a walk and, when he returns, he breaks up a fight between Antoinette and Amélie.
  • Rochester goes out for another walk. This time, he gets lost in a clearing in a dark forest where he finds an obeah offering of flowers. A girl sees him and runs away, thinking that he's a ghost.
  • Rochester receives a second letter from Daniel and confronts him. He refuses to be blackmailed by Daniel.
  • Rochester discusses Daniel's allegations with Antoinette. He sips some wine offered by Antoinette, and slowly loses consciousness.
  • Rochester wakes up and realizes he's been drugged. He goes out for a walk by the clearing where he'd gotten lost the first time.
  • When he returns, he sees Amélie and sleeps with her. When she wakes up, he offers her money. As she leaves, he hears Antoinette leaving at the same time.
  • When Antoinette returns, Rochester has an argument with her that quickly escalates. She bites him and threatens him with a broken bottle.
  • Christophine intervenes, and, when Antoinette retreats, Christophine confronts Rochester about his behavior. Rochester is feeling groggy throughout their conversation until she mentions that, for money, she's willing to take care of Antoinette. Rochester cuts their conversation short.
  • Rochester decides to leave Granbois for Spanish Town and have Antoinette declared insane.
  • On the sea voyage to England, Rochester discovers that Antoinette is attempting to seduce a young man on the boat into helping her escape.
  • Rochester confines Antoinette to a room in his English manor.