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William Faulkner Books

Joseph Blotner, William Faulkner: A Biography (1974)

This definitive (and lengthy) biography makes terrific use of primary sources to map out the details of Faulkner's life and legacy. The author, Joseph Blotner, knew Faulkner personally and includes excerpts from their interviews and conversations. For any Faulkner expert, this is a must-read.

Jay Parini, One Matchless Time: A Biography of William Faulkner (2004)

Parini delivers a highly readable and well-researched biography that discusses Faulkner's life as it relates to his various works. The book integrates literary analysis and biographical background, and includes lots of primary source material from Faulkner's personal papers.

William Faulkner, Absalom, Absalom! (1936)

Considered to be Faulkner's greatest achievement as a writer, Absalom, Absalom! follows the stories of the Sutpen and Compson families in their quest for power and truth.

The Cambridge Companion to William Faulkner (1995)

In this collection of essays, ten scholars discuss the impact of Faulkner's work on the literary world. This is an ideal book for students interested in the thematic content of Faulkner's writing.

A. Nicholas Fargnoli & Michael Golay, William Faulkner A to Z (2002)

This quick-reference guide is organized alphabetically and contains information on Faulkner's life, as well as all of his books and characters.

William Faulkner, Essays, Speeches, & Public Letters (2004)

Faulkner was an elegant—and highly quotable—writer and speaker. This collection offers insights into Faulkner's perspectives on life, relationships, and writing.

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