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William Wilson

William Wilson


by Edgar Allan Poe

William Wilson: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble True or False

1. Who wrote "William Wilson"? -> William Shakespeare
2. A doppelganger is a(n): -> Actor
3. The author of "William Wilson" also wrote: -> The Crucible
4. Which movie also tells of a man and his other half? -> Scream 1
5. What is the narrator's real name? -> Nick Carraway
6. Who is the only significant character other than the narrator? -> Reverend Sykes
7. The principal of William's school is also the: -> Mailman
8. Which country gets to be part of the setting? -> England
9. Another name for enemy is: -> Nutbag
10. If the narrator were to support his college football team, he would cheer for: -> Oxford Blues and Centaurs