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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Dexter Green Timeline and Summary

  • Dexter Green is working as a caddy at the Sherry Island Golf Club when he sees pretty little Judy Jones for the first time.
  • He quits his job as a caddy the same day he meets Judy, and dedicates himself to joining the upper class so that he can woo this girl.
  • After he goes to college at an elite school on the East Coast, he returns to Minnesota in his early twenties to start his life as a businessman.
  • He meets Judy Jones for the second time at a party at the Sherry Island Golf Club.
  • Judy invites Dexter over for dinner, and they begin a relationship.
  • Even though Dexter and Judy are an item, Judy never gives up her other lovers.
  • Finally, after several seasons, Dexter realizes that he will never have Judy completely, so he leaves her and takes up with Irene Scheerer.
  • Irene is a nice girl, and her parents are very friendly with Dexter. But as soon as Judy Jones comes to Dexter one night in tears, he drops Irene Scheerer and takes Judy back.
  • Surprise, surprise: Judy leaves Dexter after a month.
  • Dexter wants to get out of Minnesota. The United States enters World War I, and Dexter joins the Army.
  • Once the war ends, Dexter stays on the East Coast to make tons of money on Wall Street.
  • Seven years after leaving Minnesota, Dexter hears in passing that Judy Jones has gotten married.
  • Her great beauty has faded, her husband cheats on her, and she mostly stays at home with the kids.
  • Dexter understands that his dream of marrying Judy will never come true.
  • In fact, Dexter realizes he doesn't even care that much about Judy any more. He's sad for himself.
  • His life as a business tycoon has gone so far that he has lost the romantic ideals of his boyhood.
  • Now, Dexter is a moneymaking machine, without any of his youthful illusions.