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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Judy Jones Timeline and Summary

  • Judy Jones is eleven when she first arrives at the Sherry Island Golf Club to take golf lessons.
  • Dexter Green spots her at the caddy house throwing a tantrum at her nurse, Hilda..
  • Fast forward seven years, and Judy is nineteen and lovely.
  • She is playing golf one afternoon and hits Mr. T.A. Hedrick in the stomach with a stray ball. She seems amazingly unconcerned and unapologetic.
  • It seems she's just as cruel and self-absorbed as she was as a child.
  • That night, Judy rows her canoe out to a platform near the Sherry Island Golf Club; she is trying to avoid a man in her house who is about to declare his love for her.
  • There, Judy meets Dexter properly for the first time, and she asks him to her house for dinner the next night.
  • They start an affair, but Judy never gives up her other lovers.
  • Finally, Dexter turns his attention from Judy to Irene Scheerer.
  • After about two years, Judy meets Dexter at a party.
  • Judy cannot understand why she is so miserable when she is also so beautiful. And then – wait for it – Judy asks Dexter to marry her.
  • She knows that Dexter is in a relationship with Irene Scheerer, but she cannot imagine that Dexter loves Irene more than he loves Judy.
  • After a month, she breaks off their engagement. And Dexter leaves Minnesota, never to see Judy again.
  • Seven years after this disaster, Dexter hears that she has gotten married: Judy Jones is now Judy Simms.
  • Her husband, Lud Simms, cheats on her regularly and drinks too much.
  • Judy also has children who she stays home to look after.
  • Her beauty has faded, and she has settled down to an unhappy life.