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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Section 2 Summary

  • Following that whole fiasco, Dexter works to improve his social and economic standing.
  • After college, he goes to the big city near Black Bear Lake and invests in a laundry business. He specializes in high-quality laundry services for wealthy customers. (Good way to get in with them.)
  • Before he is even twenty-seven, he owns the largest string of laundries in the Midwest.
  • Eventually, he'll sell the chain of stores and move to New York.
  • Before this move east, when Dexter is twenty-three, an older rich man named Mr. Hart gives Dexter a guest pass to the Sherry Island Golf Club. Yep, same place he used to work.
  • He plays golf with three wealthy guys, two of whom he used to caddy for. Ah, how the tables have turned.
  • As they are playing, one of them – Mr. T.A. Hedrick – takes a golf ball to the stomach. Ouch. (Although that sounds better than a golf club to the chest, which is what Hilda almost got.)
  • The golf ball belongs to none other than Judy Jones. Golf paraphernalia is clearly her weapon of choice.
  • She doesn't seem particularly sorry to have hit an old man in the stomach. She continues to play as the other golfers – Mr. Hedrick, Mr. Sandwood, and Mr. Hart – all comment on her splendid physical appearance.
  • After sunset, Dexter goes swimming in Black Bear Lake. He reaches the furthest raft out on the lake, and as he's lying there, a motorboat suddenly approaches him.
  • It's Judy Jones.
  • She asks Dexter to drive the motorboat so that she can ride on a surfboard behind it.
  • Judy wants to avoid the man waiting for her in her house on Sherry Island, who has just told her she is his ideal. She can't take a compliment, apparently. (Just kidding, that's actually kind of creepy.)
  • Dexter drives Judy's boat so that she can surf behind him, and on a whim, Judy invites Dexter to dinner the next evening.

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