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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Section 3 Summary

  • Dexter stands waiting for Judy to come downstairs to dinner. When she arrives, she behaves and is dressed pretty informally, which disappoints Dexter, who had his hopes up for some glamor.
  • Her mother and father aren't home (scandalous!).
  • They chat about Dexter's college days and his business, but after dinner, Judy gets really moody.
  • She's bummed because a man that she really liked turns out to be poor.
  • It wouldn't be so bad if he had told her straight away, but she had an image in her head that he wasn't poor. So it came as a shock, she says.
  • She wants to know all about Dexter right off the bat.
  • Dexter assures her, "I'm probably making more money than any man my age in the Northwest" (3.18).
  • She leans over to kiss him, smiling. (We ain't sayin' she's a gold digger...)
  • Dexter realizes that he has wanted Judy Jones since he was a boy.

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