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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Section 5 Summary

  • The romance with Judy fizzles after one month. What a shock.
  • It takes Dexter some time before he feels bad about the affair, even though he really hurt Irene and her parents.
  • Dexter realizes two things: he will always love Judy Jones, and he will never have her. Not a great situation to be in.
  • Even though Dexter sees that Judy is a manipulative liar, he still doesn't blame her.
  • Our main man goes east in February of the next year after this disastrous month with Judy.
  • It must be 1917, because America joins the First World War (for more on the war, check out Shmoop's learning guide).
  • Dexter hands over his laundry management to his business partner and joins the Army.
  • Actually, he feels some relief to be escaping the emotion of his life.

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