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Winter Dreams

Winter Dreams


by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Winter Dreams Section 6 Summary

  • Fast forward seven years after Dexter's failed relationship with Judy. He is thirty-two years old, and he's living the good (i.e. rich) life in New York.
  • A guy named Devlin comes to his office to talk business. This guy mentions that the wife of one of his best friends in Detroit is also from Dexter's home town: maybe Dexter knows her?
  • Her name is Judy Simms; she was once Judy Jones. (!)
  • Devlin says that he feels a bit sorry for her because her husband, Lud Simms, is a drinker who cheats on her. She doesn't cheat on him, though; she stays at home with the kids.
  • Actually, Devlin thinks Judy is a bit old for Lud Simms, but Dexter protests that she is only twenty-seven.
  • (Hmm, that's weird. We think Dexter's math is off. When he first sees Judy, he is fourteen and she is eleven. If he is now thirty-two, shouldn't she be twenty-nine?)
  • Devlin realizes that Dexter must know her rather well.
  • Even though Lud treats her badly, Judy is going to stay with him.
  • Dexter cannot understand what Devlin is telling him: that Judy's beauty has faded and that she has settled down. It's all too much to process.
  • Devlin leaves and Dexter lies down in his office lounge.
  • He feels that he has lost his winter dream, and he weeps for what he can never have.
  • But it's not just his dream he's lost: he has also lost that spark he once had. He doesn't even care too much about Judy anymore.
  • That romantic boy he used to be is gone forever.

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