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The Winter’s Tale Act 4, Scene 2 Summary

  • At the Bohemian palace, Camillo tells Polixenes that he’s homesick and wants to return to his hometown, Sicily, which should be a safe thing to do since Leontes has apparently repented for his bad behavior. (Remember, Camillo fled Sicily with Polixenes when Leontes flipped out sixteen years ago.)
  • Polixenes begs Camillo not to go – Camillo’s been a great friend and an invaluable right hand man to the king over the years. If Camillo leaves, it will put an end to their bro-mance.
  • Then Polixenes and Camillo talk about how Prince Florizel has been AWOL from the palace lately. Polixenes has had some spies follow his son and has learned that Florizel has been hanging out at the home of the Old Shepherd, a guy who used to be poor but become wealthy overnight. [Hmm. Polixenes sounds like Polonius (from Hamlet), who also spied on his son.]
  • Camillo chimes in that the Old Shepherd has a smokin’ hot daughter, which is probably why Florizel is always hanging out over there.
  • Camillo and Polixenes decide to take a little trip out to the country to see what Florizel and the Old Shepherd are up to. First, however, they’ll need some disguises.

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