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Hermione Timeline and Summary

  • 1.2: At her husband’s request, the very pregnant Hermione convinces Polixenes to stay a while longer as a guest in Sicily.
  • 2.1: Hermione is unfairly accused of carrying Polixenes’ baby and is carted off to the slammer.
  • 2.2: We learn that Hermione has given birth to a baby daughter (Perdita) in prison.
  • 3.2. Hermione stands trial for adultery and treason. Mid-trial, she learns that her son, Mammilius, has died. She passes out and is carried off the stage.
  • 3.2: We learn from Paulina that Hermione has died off-stage of a broken heart.
  • 5.3: Sixteen years later, Hermione is “resurrected” from the dead and unites with Leontes and her long lost daughter, Perdita.