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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond


by Elizabeth George Speare

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Chapter 21 Summary

  • By April a double wedding is in the works: John Holbrook and Mercy are to be wed, as are Judith and William Ashby.
  • John has begun his studies again with Dr. Bulkeley, though this time he is his own man with his own politics. In June, he and Mercy will be moving so John can accept a job at a smaller parish close to Wethersfield.
  • Williams’ house is nearly finished by this time and Judith has begun selecting furniture and furnishings. The two spend their evenings in “happy planning” (21.5).
  • Kit has begun her own preparations as well, though she doesn’t tell the Wood family. She is going to sell all of her fancy dresses in order to sail back to Barbados.
  • In Barbados, Kit plans on working for her living, most likely as a governess for the children of a wealthy family.
  • Walking alone one day, she passes the flooded meadows, and is happy that Hannah is safe and sound. She sits on a rock and enjoys the New England springtime.
  • Suddenly Kit realizes she doesn’t WANT to leave New England. Wait. What’s wrong with her? Why not?
  • Kit realizes now the true meaning of her dream: it doesn’t matter if she goes to Barbados or not, it’s who she’s with that matters. Kit knows she can be happy wherever she is – as long as Nat is with her. Still, is it too late?
  • Kit must wait for her ship to come in, so to speak – and on May 2nd it finally does. Kit sees a new boat on the wharf and a seaman in a blue coat. She recognizes him immediately – it’s Nat!
  • The two greet each other and it’s all lovey-dovey from there. Hannah is doing well, it turns out. Also, Nat has bought himself a boat and it’s almost paid for. What has he named it? The Witch. It’s not after Hannah, either. It’s after Kit.
  • Kit asks to go on board and see the ship, but Nat says he has something to ask her uncle first. (It’s if he can marry her, duh.)
  • The two talk about future plans – maybe a house in Saybrook or Wethersfield one day. And a garden with Hannah!
  • Kit insists being taken aboard the ship once again, but Nat refuses again. He says when he takes her on board for the first time, he wants it to be “for keeps” (21.48).

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