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The Witch of Blackbird Pond

The Witch of Blackbird Pond


by Elizabeth George Speare

The Witch of Blackbird Pond Resources


Elizabeth George Speare

The author’s biography.

Puritanism (Scholastic)

A quick reference site for Puritanism

The Puritans in New England

Find out all about the Puritans life in New England. (But for a more detailed look at the history, check out Shmoop's guide to Puritan Settlement in New England.)

The Quakers

Website for the Society of Friends.

The Colonial House

A PBS website featuring some fun historical context info, plus a recreation of what a colonial home was like.  Wonder if could be like Kit and adapt to life in the colonies?  Take the quiz at this site to find out!

Colonial Crimes and Punishment

Not sure what it means for sometime to be "branded"? Check out this website to learn more about what was considered a crime in the American colonies, and how offenders were punished.

The Salem Witch Trials (National Geographic)

National Geographic’s website on the Salem witch trials – with awesome graphics

The Salem Witch Trials (Archive)

Comb through the documents and artifacts from the Salem witch trials.


Resources about the history of Barbados

Movie or TV Productions

The Film of Blackbird Pond?

No film adaptation of the novel currently exists; however, the New York Times website reports that there might be a version in production.

Casting Call

Who would you cast to play Kit Tyler? Bloggers weigh in.

Contemporary Documents

"The Witch of Blackbird Pond: Colonies, Slit Sleeves and Stocks, Oh My!"

A contemporary review of the novel from pop feminist website Jezebel.com.

Historical Documents

The Connecticut Colony Charter of 1662

See the charter for yourself.


Mysterious Journeys: The Witches of Salem (2007)

A made-for-television documentary on the Salem witch trials.

Puritan Family of Early New England

A great clip of the daily life of a Puritan family. Many of the described activities will sound familiar.

An Introduction to Quakers

Find out what Quakers lives are like today.


Shmoop's Photos of Colonial New England

Check out Shmoop’s own vision of Colonial New England.

Collection of Images of the Salem Witch Trial

An assortment of images related to the Salem witch trials.

Pictorial Americana: Settlement and Colonial Life

Selected images from the Library of Congress

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