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The Witches

The Witches


by Roald Dahl

The Witches Awe and Amazement Quotes

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Paragraph)

Quote #7

By golly, what a place that kitchen was! The noise! And the steam! And the clatter of pots and pans! And the cooks all shouting! And the waiters all rushing in and out from the Dining-Room yelling the food orders to the cooks! (18.24)

Again with the exclamation points. This time, though, it's a scene that takes place every day in our world as readers. We may not be chefs, but we know that kitchens are hectic places. What's cool is that, even though our narrator is about to kill off all the witches of England, he's still in awe of something as everyday as a kitchen.

Quote #8

By golly, I thought, what marvellous things a mouse can do! And I'm only a beginner! (18.31)

Our narrator is amazed even at himself. He can't believe the acrobatic moves he can do as a mouse. What other skills does he have as a mouse that surprise him?

Quote #9

"Any other English father would be just as cross as you are. But over in Norway where I come from, we are quite used to these sort of happenings. We have learnt to accept them as part of everyday life." (19.9)

Things are different in England than they are in Norway. Norwegians are used to witches, so it's not as shocking to see a boy turned into a mouse. This actually raises a real-world issue that's important to remember: every culture has different customs. There are plenty of things that people in other cultures do that we would be shocked by, and vice versa.

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