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The Witches

The Witches


by Roald Dahl

The Witches Questions

Bring on the tough stuff - there’s not just one right answer.

  1. Why do witches hate children so much anyway? What have children ever done to them?
  2. How would you have tricked the witches? Which of their weaknesses would you have played on? Could you come up with a plan better than the narrator's?
  3. Grandmamma sure is chatty when it comes to witch-related information. What would have happened if she had never told our narrator all about witches?
  4. Other than his starring role in a Roald Dahl book, what do you admire most about the narrator? Why?
  5. What is Grandmamma's back-story? How did she lose her thumb? What was her childhood like? Imagine it all.
  6. According to the author, all witches are women. According to many readers, this is sexist. Based on the rest of the book, do you agree?
  7. How would you have illustrated this book? Draw a picture of The Grand High Witch and see how it stacks up to Quentin Blake's illustration.
  8. Wait a second, weren't witches children themselves once? How does that work? Do witches hate witch children, too? This is a curious matter.

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