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The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black
by Susan Hill
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The Woman in Black Appearances Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

[It was] a modest house and yet sure of itself, and then looking across at the country beyond. I had no sense of having been here before, but an absolute conviction that I would come here again (1.10)

Arthur makes serious real estate decisions based off of how much he likes the way the outside of a cottage looks. Good thing that one worked out.

Quote #2

The business was beginning to sound like something from a Victorian novel, with a reclusive old woman having hidden a lot of ancient documents somewhere in the depths of her cluttered home. (2.62)

LOL, right? This little quip is a joke on Arthur, because (1) it's supposed to show us how Arthur thinks of himself as oh-so-modern even though the Victorian era is probably only a few years behind him, and (2) it turns out that he is in a Victorian-esque novel.

Quote #3

I decided that he was a man who had made, or come into, money late and unexpectedly, and was happy for the world to know it. (3.13)

For such a young guy, Arthur Kipps makes some pretty snap judgments about people. Good thing Mr. Daily doesn't write him off in the same manner.

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