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The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black
by Susan Hill
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The Woman in Black Chapter 12 Summary

The Woman in Black

  • Arthur lets us know that we're almost at the end of the story. He leaves Crythin Gifford, marries Stella, and they have a baby named Joseph.
  • One day, they go to a fair outside of London and Joseph insists on riding the pony and trap.
  • There's only room for two, so Arthur waits behind while Stella and Joseph go.
  • Can you guess where this is going?
  • While Arthur's waiting, he sees the woman in black watching him.
  • Uh-oh? Uh-oh is right. As the pony and trap comes back, she steps in front of it and causes a huge accident.
  • Joseph dies on the scene and Stella dies from her injuries ten months later. 
  • And that is the true and horrifying end of The Woman in Black.
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