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The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black


by Susan Hill

The Woman in Black Chapter 4 Summary

The Funeral of Mrs. Drablow

  • When Arthur reaches Crythin Gifford, Sam drops him off at the hotel and tells him to call him if he ever needs anything.
  • Arthur is all like, "Psh, I won't need anything," but little does he know…
  • At the hotel, Arthur gets settled in and tries to talk to the innkeeper about Mrs. Drablow, but he's not having any of it.
  • Come to think of it, everyone's a little tight-lipped about the whole Drablow affair.
  • Arthur figures that the townsfolk are backwards hicks who think that old Mrs. Drablow was a witch. 
  • Judgmental, much?
  • He goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning blissfully unaware of what's going to happen next. Dun, dun, dun…
  • When he gets back to the hotel from a morning stroll, Mr. Jerome, Mrs. Drablow's agent, has left a note saying that he'll be by shortly to pick up Arthur for the funeral. Field trip!
  • Almost no one is at the service (guess Mrs. Drablow wasn't very popular), but Arthur sees a young woman who is dressed all in black and seems to be dying from some terrible disease.
  • Oh, and there's also a row of unsmiling children lined up outside the gate at the funeral.
  • That's not weird at all, right? Kids do that kind of thing all the time.
  • But when he brings up the creepy lady with Mr. Jerome, Mr. Jerome is not pleased.
  • Actually, he insists that he didn't see a woman at all and kind of freaks out when Arthur keeps claiming that he did.
  • This goes on for a while, with Arthur, who apparently can't take a hint, talking about the woman and Mr. Jerome denying having seen her.
  • When they get back into town, Mr. Jerome says that he won't take Arthur to Eel Marsh House.
  • At lunch, Arthur hobnobs with some locals. When he talks about Eel Marsh House, one guy says that no one will ever buy that house—but won't tell him why.
  • So it's off to Eel Marsh House to find out some answers for himself.

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