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The Woman in Black

The Woman in Black


by Susan Hill

 Table of Contents

The Woman in Black Characters

Meet the Cast

Arthur Kipps

A Pragmatist Let's put it this way: Arthur isn't about to be starring in a hit show about talking to people's dead relatives. He's as pragmatic, rational, and—we'll say it—boring as they come....

The Woman in Black

The woman in black (a.k.a. Jennet Humfrye) is not some friendly Caspar-type ghost. She's not even your typical ghost who wanders through a big old house, weeping and trying to find its way to a bet...

Sam Daily

To Arthur, Sam Daily is a country bumpkin—so it makes sense that he's introduced as a "big man, with a beefy face and huge raw-looking hands, well enough spoken" (3.13). Notice that "well enough"...

Mr. Bentley

Mr. Bentley is Arthur's employer, the one who sends him off on the fateful trip to Crythin Gifford in the first place. Though Arthur doesn't really blame Mr. Bentley for what happened (how could he...

Mr. Jerome

In a way, it's fitting that there's a whole chapter named "Mr. Jerome is Afraid," because that's the overwhelming sense that we get from Mr. Jerome: fear. He's a squirrely little man who is obvious...


Keckwick is the driver of the pony and trap (kind of like an old-school cab driver) who delivers Arthur to and from Eel Marsh House, since no one else will set foot near that place. At first glance...


Stella is Arthur's first wife. Throughout his adventures in Crythin Gifford (if you can call them that), she's referenced as a refuge, something for him to look forward getting back to. But my main...


Though Esmé isn't Arthur's first love—or even his first wife, for that matter—she represents his second chance at happiness after all the chilling and terrible things that occurred in his yout...

Arthur's Stepchildren

Oliver, Isobel, Will, and Edmund are Arthur's stepchildren. They're the family that he and Stella never got to have, and he obviously loves having them around. But even so, they can never really un...
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