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The Woman in Black
The Woman in Black
by Susan Hill
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The Woman in Black Exploration Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

I felt nothing other than curiosity, a professional interest… coupled with a mild sense of adventure. (2.6)

Young Arthur goes on a business trip, with no idea as to what he's going to encounter. He's in for adventure, that's sure, but the foreshadowing here doesn't give us any hints of what kind of terror he's in for.

Quote #2

In fact, I was not by any means unattracted to the idea of the expedition… (2.70)

The idea of traveling to a different part of the country and sorting through the affairs of a dead woman sounds a little romantic, no?

Quote #3

But I did not go inside. I did not want to, yet awhile. I wanted to drink in all the silence and the mysterious, shimmering beauty, to smell the strange, salt smell that was borne faintly on the wind, to listen for the slightest murmur. (5.16)

There's a certain kind of joy in exploring a new landscape, even if it turns out to be one infested with terrifying ghost people.

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