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The Woman in Black Quotes

Find the perfect quote to float your boat. Shmoop breaks down key quotations from The Woman in Black.

Betrayal Quotes

it was as though she was searching for something she wanted, needed—must have, more than life itself, and which had been taken from her. (5.24)

Isolation Quotes

Minutes later, they were receding across the causeway, smaller and smaller figures in the immensity and wideness of marsh and sky… (5.15)

Revenge Quotes

It was one of what I can only describe… as a desperate, yearning malevolence… (5.24)

Fear Quotes

Doubtless, in such a place as this, with its eerie marshes, sudden fogs, moaning winds… any poor old woman might be looked at askance; once upon a time, after all, she would have been branded as...

Appearances Quotes

[It was] a modest house and yet sure of itself, and then looking across at the country beyond. I had no sense of having been here before, but an absolute conviction that I would come here again (1....

Memory and the Past Quotes

Like an old wound, it gave off a faint twinge now and again, but less and less often, less and less painfully… Of late, it had been like the outermost ripple of a pool, merely the faint memory of...

The Supernatural Quotes

she would have been branded as a witch and local legends and tales were still abroad and some extravagant folklore still half-believed in. (4.19)

Madness Quotes

Behind me, in the house, I knew that I must have left the family in a state of consternation and bewilderment… (1.60)

Man and the Natural World Quotes

I like to look about me at the sky above my head, whether there are moon and stars or utter darkness, and into the darkness ahead of me; I like to listen for the cries of nocturnal creatures and th...

Exploration Quotes

I felt nothing other than curiosity, a professional interest… coupled with a mild sense of adventure. (2.6)

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