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The Woman Warrior

The Woman Warrior


by Maxine Hong Kingston

The Woman Warrior Resources


The Woman Warrior at 30

A review of the book thirty years later

2006 Interview

UCSB's Daily News interview with Kingston.

Washington Post

Commentary on The Woman Warrior.


Kingston on Heritage

Is her frenum still there?

Kingston's Lunch Poems Reading

At Kingston's alma mater, UC Berkeley.

Bill Moyers Interview with Kingston

Talking about war veterans.

Yale Lecture

Yale's Professor Hungerford lectures on The Woman Warrior.


NPR's "Seizing Power from 'The Woman Warrior'"

Hear or read NPR's fancy thoughts on this book.

Interview with Maxine Hong Kingston

An 1989 interview discussing language and translation.


Image of Author

A photo of your author and narrator.

Funny Drawing of Woman Warrior

Just how we imagined her.

Fa Mu Lan

A wall hanging of the legendary warrior.

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