The Woman Warrior
The Woman Warrior
by Maxine Hong Kingston
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The Woman Warrior Women and Femininity Quotes Page 4

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Quote #10

"Improve that voice," she had instructed my mother, "or else you'll never marry her off. Even the fool half ghosts won't have her." So I discovered the next plan to get rid of us: marry us off here without waiting until China. The villagers' peasant minds converged on marriage (5.133).

Kingston comes to scorn marriage.

Quote #11

"Chinese smeared bad daughters-in-law with honey and tied them naked on top of ant nests," my father said. "A husband may kill a wife who disobeys him. Confucius said that." Confucius, the rational man (5.134).

Patriarchal values are written into ancient texts, too. Stories that are considered classic and have been passed down for years and years are often infused with sexism.

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