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Women's Movements

Women's Movements

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Big Picture


1. When did large numbers of American women begin to question the limits on their freedoms and the justice of their treatment?
2. Which sisters were the first American women to call attention to the fact that their male counterparts in the social-reform movement were blind to gender injustices?
3. What goals did Elizabeth Cady Stanton identify as key to the women's movement?
4. Which goals were key to the agenda of the Women's Christian Temperance Union?
5. What evidence supports the notion that the women's movement was too moderate in its ambitions?


1. The 1830s, when women taking part in the antislavery movement discovered that they faced oppression closer to home.
2. Angelina and Sarah Grimké.
3. Reform to marriage and divorce, expanded property rights for women, dress reform, and securing the right to vote for women. 
4. Prohibition of alcohol, prison and health reform, world peace, and women's suffrage.
5. Women still earn far less, on average, than men, and they are underrepresented in politics and business.