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Introduction to :

Hey equation, what's your sign?

There are many different English phrases for each of the arithmetic operators, and there are likewise many different English phrases that translate into the = sign. In fact, "likewise" is one word that roughly means = . Any English phrase that says two quantities are the same, or will be the same if you perform some operations first, translates into a mathematical equation using the = sign. For example, James Bond may tell you that the world = not enough.

Sample Problems

  • "x plus 2 equals 10'' translates into symbols as x + 2 = 10.
  • "Three x is twenty-four'' translates into symbols as 3x = 24.
  • "One-half of y will be seven'' translates to .
  • "If we divide y by four we get twelve'' translates to .
  • "Multiplying z by two gives (or yields) eleven'' translates to z × 2 = 11.
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