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Some English phrases are clearly talking about multiplication. You hear that, phrases? We can read through your subtext.

  • The product of 3 and 4 is 3 × 4.
  • Three times five is 3 × 5.
  • Four multiplied by seven is 4 × 7.

Also, any English phrase that talks about taking multiple copies of a number is actually talking about multiplication. Doesn't matter if they're in color or in black and white, stapled or otherwise.

  • If we double the number 4 we get 2 × 4.
  • If we triple the number four we get 3 × 4.
  • If we quadruple the number four we get 4 × 4.

"Quadruple'' isn't used as much as "double'' or "triple,'' but if you do see it, now you'll know. "Quad'' means "four,'' like in the words "quadruped'' (four-legged animal), "quadriceps" (four-part muscle), or "quadrimom" (four-headed mother).

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