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Word Problems

Word Problems

Word Problems: Lost in Translation True or False

1. 1. Translate into mathematical symbols: "Four combined with the double of five." -> (4 + 2)(5)
2. 2. Take a number x, quadruple it, subtract two, then divide by three. What do you find? ->
3. 3. Jamila has one more than one-third as many cookies as Aida has. Aida has five times as many cookies as Suhaila does. If Suhaila has S cookies, how many cookies does Jamila have? ->
4. 4. Translate into mathematical symbols: "The quotient of two and one less than the difference of eleven and five." ->
5. 5. Rachel's allowance is three dollars a week more than Tammy's allowance. She's a better kid, what can we say? Which pair of phrases most accurately describes the two girls' allowances? -> Let R be Rachel's allowance. Then Tammy's allowance is R + 3.
6. 6. Three pieces of string are tied together. The first piece is x feet long. The second piece is twice as long as the first piece, and the third piece is ten feet longer than the second piece. What is the total length of all three pieces of string? Also, what trick is the magician going to dazzle us with next? -> x + 2x + 10
7. 7. Aditya is three inches taller than Sara, who is two inches taller than Rahul. If Rahul's height is R inches, how many inches tall is Aditya? -> R + 3 + 2
8. 8. The diameter of a circle is five times the length of one side of a square. The length of one side of a square is 3x. What is the area of the circle? -> 4 zillion
9. 9. Which expression best represents the phrase "The double of the triple of four times five?" -> (3(4))(2(5))
10. 10. The figure below shows four small triangles put together to make a square. Or a bird's-eye view of one of the Great Pyramids, if you need a more grandiose visual. Note: The base of this particular pyramid is longer than its height

The area of the figure is . What does x represent?

-> The base of one of the four small triangles