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Word Problems

Word Problems

Word Problems: I Got 99 Word Problems (don't worry, there aren't really that many) True or False

1. 1. Thomas received a 50% increase in his allowance this year. He now receives 12 dollars per week. No more minimum wage! What was his weekly allowance last year? -> 8
2. 2. Jenny has a jar for collecting spare change. So far she only has pennies, nickels, and dimes, but she dreams of owning a quarter one day. She has twice as many nickels as pennies, four more dimes than nickels, and nineteen coins total. How many nickels does she have? -> 10
3. 3. The cost to rent a building for a dance party is $8 per hour plus $1.50 per person. If the Ballroom Dance Club spent $70.50 to put on a three-hour party, how many people were at the party? -> 23
4. 4. Mr. and Mrs. Smith get into their cars to go to work. Not the Mr. and Mrs. Smith from the movie. There are no car chases or gunfire in this word problem. They leave their house at exactly the same time. Mr. Smith heads west at 60 mph and Mrs. Smith heads east at 45 mph. How long does it take before they are 42 miles apart? Incidentally, this is their favorite distance to be in relation to one another. They've been married a long time. -> Too long
5. 5. A rectangular box with a square base has volume 180. If one side of the base has length 6, what is the height of the box? -> 6
6. 6. A triangle's second angle is 12° more than its first angle, and its third angle is twice the first angle. What is the second angle of the triangle? -> 54°
7. 7. Leonardo was given a new phone on his last birthday. His parents had told him it was for emergencies only, but they are sure he has used it mainly to play Fruit Ninja. The plan they got costs $49.98 per month plus 10 cents per text message. If the bill for the first year Leonardo had his new phone was $612.96, how many text messages did Leonardo use per month, on average? -> 13.2
8. 8. A batty old lady has a lot of cats and birds in her house. It's actually not the animals that qualify her as batty. She thinks Elvis is alive and living in her basement. See? We told you. There are a total of 252 legs in her house, including her own legs. Fortunately, she's not so crazy that any of those legs are detached human ones. The number of birds is 3 less than twice the number of cats. How many cats does the crazy old lady have? -> 32
9. 9. Ashleigh is taking a class in which her grade is determined by her scores on four exams. Ashleigh has taken three exams so far, and has gotten scores of 92, 84, and 88. What does Ashleigh need to score on the last exam in order to average 90% in the class? -> 96
10. 10. Janine baked 90 cookies, and now she needs to frost them...because they're not yet fattening enough on their own. The top of each cookie is 3 square inches. If a can of frosting can cover 20 square inches, how many cans of frosting does Janine need? -> 6