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Word Problems

Word Problems

Translating Slowly Examples

Example 1

Liana has 7 times as many chocolate bars as her friend Beth. Liana may be happy about that right now, but we'll come back to her after her third heart attack. Express the number of chocolate bars Liana has in terms of the number of chocolate bars Beth has.

Example 2

Felicity has some cookies, and Liana has four times as many cookies. Apparently, Liana has polished off all those candy bars and still isn't full. Goodness gracious, Liana, eat an apple.

Express the number of cookies Liana has in terms of the number of cookies Felicity has.

Example 3

The length of a bed is two feet longer than its width. In terms of its width, how long is the bed?

Example 4

Jonathan is three inches shorter than Jules. Jules is two inches shorter than Justin. How tall is Jonathan in relation to Justin?

Example 5

What is the total area covered by the shape shown below (in terms of s)?

Example 6

Linda divides a pie equally between herself, her two kids, and three of their friends. She won't even come close to dividing the ice cream evenly, but that's another story for another day. What fraction of the pie does each person get?