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Words I Never Said

Words I Never Said


by Lupe Fiasco


Lupe Fiasco, fashionista

For all his anti-corporate rhetoric, the man runs not one but two fashion companies (Righteous Kun-Fu and Trilly & Truly). Good thing he's got style!

Lupe the friendly guy

Fiasco is known in part for his cerebral, sweet approach to music and life.

Lupe with Jay-Z

Jay-Z "discovered" Lupe and helped him get his first solo record deal. Jay says Lupe at 23 reminded him of himself when he was younger.

Cover of Lasers (2011)

Fiasco goes right in for the anarchist symbol, which transforms the word "Losers" into "Lasers."

Cover of Lupe Fiasco's Food and Liquor (2006)

Lupe Fiasco is surrounded by the paraphernalia that he says reveals his identity: a Banksy postcard, a Qu'ran, a robot, a sketchbook and a Nintendo DS.

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