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William Wordsworth Websites

Academy of American Poets

The Academy of American Poets site also has information on non-American poets and is a great place to start your tutorial in the English Romantics. Start with their simple, straightforward introduction to the Romantics and then move between the biographies of Wordsworth and his contemporaries.

Wordsworth Variorum Archive

This is a fantastically organized, searchable archive of all William Wordsworth's works. You can search by title, first line or edition in order to ferret out that elusive poem or phrase. Very helpful to scholars.

The Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive

Another very useful Web resource that focuses on Wordsworth's close friend and collaborator Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The disciplined Wordsworth wrote more poetry, but genius Coleridge had more ideas. This archive is a useful source of information on both poets, as well as the Romantic period.

Dove Cottage

Wordsworth's home in Grasmere from 1799 to 1808 is now a museum to the poet and the Romantics, run by the Wordsworth Trust. The cottage is a tourist site and frequent host to poetry and literary events. Its website is a good guide to Romantic poetry and its stars.

Victorian Web

Victorian Web is a helpful site that shows how all of the different players and themes in the Victorian and pre-Victorian era were related. Wordsworth and the other Romantics fall into the latter category. Wordsworth's page flows easily between lessons on his biography and concurrent literary and political issues.

Romantic Period Twitter

Wordsworth thought that "the world is too much with us" in 1888. One can only guess what he would think of our ultra-wired universe in 2009. He would probably spin in his grave if he knew that he and his fellow Romantics were on Twitter—let's just hope that no one up there has told him what Twitter is or how to Tweet.

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