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World War Z

World War Z


by Max Brooks

Change Quotes in World War Z

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Quote #4

We didn't lose the last brushfire conflict, far from it. We actually accomplished a very difficult task with very few resources and under extremely unfavorable circumstances. We won, but the public didn't see it that way because it wasn't the blitzkrieg smackdown that our national spirit demanded. (3.2.22)

When life doesn't live up to our expectations, you'd think we'd just roll with the punches and move on. Do we? Sometimes, but other times these changes can be debilitating. This quote shows a real-life example of this type of change. Other examples include expecting dead relatives to stay dead rather than returning in deadly undead form.

Quote #5

Looking back, I still can't believe how unprofessional the news media was. So much spin, so few hard facts. All those digestible sound bites from an army of "experts" all contradicting one another, all trying to seem more "shocking" and "in depth" than the last one. (5.4.4)

Then again, some things never change—global zombie invasion or not. Looks like news media is one of them.

Quote #6

We had our share of religious fundamentalists, what country didn't? Many of them believed that we were, in some way, interfering with God's will. (6.2.18)

How are religions affected by such worldwide change? Do they stay true to their core and adapt at the periphery? Do they reinterpret their beliefs? World War Z offers plenty of these types of questions throughout the book for you to consider.

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