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World War Z

World War Z


by Max Brooks

Education Quotes in World War Z

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Part.Paragraph)

Quote #7

Like us, he'd been compiling the same facts. But whereas we'd been memorizing them, he'd been analyzing them. (7.4.7)

Facts are great. But you can't just memorize facts; you have to use them. So, the SAT might get you into college, but it won't help you against the inevitable zombie invasion. (Did we say "inevitable"? Forget we said that.)

Quote #8

That was the centerpiece of our whole new battle doctrine, back into the past like everything else. We massed in a straight line, two ranks: one active, one reserve. The reserve was so when anyone in the front rank needed a weapon recharge, their fire wouldn't be missed on the line. (8.2.18)

And how does World War Z suggest we educate ourselves? By visiting Shmoop.com, of course: looking into the past. Here, the American military uses linear tactics dating back to the Revolutionary War.

Quote #9

Most countries were just copying the Israeli method of sending people past dogs in cages. You always had to keep them in cages, otherwise they might attack the person, or each other, or even their handler. (8.3.3)

The Israelis educate themselves to deal with the new situation, but the suggestion here is that education doesn't end with simply learning something new. What if you can improve upon what you learned? Seems you can teach an old dog new tricks.

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