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World War Z

World War Z


by Max Brooks

Man & the Natural World Quotes in World War Z

How we cite our quotes: (Chapter.Part.Paragraph)

Quote #1

Few of you Yankees asked where your new kidney or pancreas was coming from, be it a slum kid from the City of God or some unlucky student in a Chinese political prison. You didn't know, you didn't care. You just signed your traveler's checks, went under the knife, then went home to Miami or New York or wherever. (2.4.41)

As we'll see time and time again in World War Z, our survival instinct can be at odds with our intelligence Bet this character won't eat a piece of gum he found off the street, right? Then why would he put a ticker in his chest that someone else might have found on the side of the street? (Of course, the stakes are a little higher when you're talking about needing a new heart.)

Quote #2

He thought that if we abandoned our tribal homeland and relocated to a city, there would be a brand-new house and high-paying jobs just sitting there waiting for us. (2.5.2)

World War Z focuses not only on a man's survival in the natural world, but also the human world. Each has hazards to avoid, and unfortunately for Jacob's dad, he doesn't do so well here.

Quote #3

It wasn't even the idea of safety anymore, it was the idea of the idea of safety. (3.3.23)

Half of all survival in the natural world is mental. The idea of safety, the belief that you'll make it is fifty percent of the battle. Uh, we're pretty sure we heard that on Survivorman or something.

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