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World War Z

World War Z


by Max Brooks

World War Z: Quotes (What Was Said) Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around World War Z? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Who said, "I have attempted to reserve judgment, or commentary of any kind, and if there is a human factor that should be removed, let it be my own."

The Interviewer, a.k.a. Whatever His Name Is
Todd Wainio
Terry Knox
Cuddles the Talking Zombie
Q. Who said, "We lost a hell of a lot more than just people when we abandoned them to the dead. That's all I'm going to say"?

General Lang
Tomonaga Ijiro
Philip Adler
Shaun of the Dead
Q. Who said, "You wanna know who lost World War Z? Whales"?

Paul Redeker
Michael Choi
Maria Zhuganova
That guy from Whale Wars.
Q. : Who said, "You know Verdun—"On ne passé pas"—They shall not pass!"

Andre Renard
David Allen Forbes
Colonel Christina Eliopolis
Gandalf the Grey (!)
Q. Who said, "When we boarded the barges on the banks of the Hudson, we managed to lock eyes. [Dr. Chandra] just smiled and shook his head. I'd made it"?

Sergeant Avalon
Jacob Nyathi
Todd Wainio
Dr. Chandra after he finally snapped