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World War Z

World War Z


by Max Brooks

Todd Wainio Timeline & Summary

  • Todd joined the military before the Battle of Yonkers, but Yonkers was his first major engagement with the zed-heads.
  • It doesn't go too well.
  • We next run into Todd at Hope, New Mexico. He does much, much better this time around.
  • Todd and his company march their way across America, shooting, bludgeoning, and altogether exterminating any zombie they see.
  • In Chicago, they come across a troop of LaMoEs in a tower.
  • Todd is almost killed by a high-powered slug, but his BDUs save his life.
  • After the military take some tanks to the tower, the LaMOEs living there don't fare so well.As they travel across America, Todd loses friends and fellow soldiers to more than just zombies.
  • Near the end of the campaign, Todd's squad leader is diagnosed with PTSD.
  • Todd takes over the leading responsibilities.
  • He returns to Yonkers where it all began.
  • The war ends soon after. Todd made it through to the end.
  • Years later, some guy interviews him for the United Nation's Postwar Commission Report.
  • We wonder if Todd ever caught his name.