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Wu-Tang Logo

The Wu-Tang Clan's quickly recognizable "W" draws from martial arts imagery and appears on everything from album covers to Wu-Tang's clothing line, Wu-Wear.

Wu-Tang: The original 9 members

When Wu-Tang came together in 1992, they were the largest hip-hop crew around, and the first to create a sort of open corporation of individual artists who signed to separate labels while also putting out albums as the Wu-Tang Clan.

Wu-Tang Portrait

This newer image advertises a 2010 documentary about the ongoing history of the Clan.


Bringing his distinctive intensity. Raekwon, also known as Raekwon the Chef, is the group's resident cooking expert, slang aficionado, fashion-conscious dresser, and general propagator of lore.

Method Man

Method Man brought a lighter, more radio-friendly sound to the Wu-Tang Clan and was the first to score a solo album after Enter the Wu-Tang, but he has never strayed from the clan, collaborating consistently with RZA and other Wu-Tang members on his solo albums and Wu-Tang projects.

Inspectah Deck

Known as a quieter, more introspective member of Wu-Tang, Inspectah Deck met RZA and other Wu-Tang members in high school in Staten Island and laid down some of Wu-Tang Clan's most memorable verses.


The production genius and business mastermind behind much of Wu-Tang Clan's work.

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