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Wuthering Heights

Wuthering Heights


by Emily Brontë

Wuthering Heights Chapter 11 Summary

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  • Nelly Dean is overwhelmed by a feeling of dread one day while out for a walk. Fearing something awful is happening at Wuthering Heights—particularly to little Hareton—she heads up to the house.
  • Young Hareton has become a cursing, violent young boy. Living with "Devil daddy," as he calls Hindley, he is a pure product of his environment.
  • Heathcliff continues to visit Thrushcross Grange and begins making the moves on Isabella. He tells Catherine that she has no right to object and that she has treated him like a dog. Nothing will get in the way of revenge against all who have degraded him, though he assures Catherine, "I seek no revenge on you" (11.51).
  • Edgar shows up and tries to kick Heathcliff out of the house. When Edgar tells Nelly to "fetch the men" (11.67), Catherine mocks him as a coward, telling him he deserves to be beaten down by Heathcliff. Heathcliff realizes it's time to beat a hasty retreat.
  • Edgar tells Catherine that she must choose between him and Heathcliff. She flies into a rage and locks herself in her room.
READ THE BOOK: Chapter 11

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