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World War I Movies & TV

Paths of Glory (1957)

Starring Kirk Douglas, this Stanley Kubrick film depicts the events surrounding the court-martial of four French soldiers accused of mutiny during World War I. Based on a novel by Humphry Cobb and also upon real events, Paths of Glory is a commentary on class differences on the battlefield.

The Lost Battalion (2001)

In this fact-based World War I film, Rick Schroder (TV's "NYPD Blue," "24," and "Silver Spoons") stars as a member of the 77th American Division, stationed in France during World War I. The soldiers are ordered to head deep into German held territory; cut off from supplies and surrounded by German forces, the soldiers struggle to survive.

Gallipoli (1981)

Gallipoli is the tale of four young Australian men who leave their personal pursuits at home to join the Army. Initially enthusiastic about their service in the war, the men must face the terrible reality of the bloody amphibious battlefield of Gallipoli.

A Farewell to Arms (1957)

Starring Rock Hudson and Elaine Stritch, this film is a screen adaptation of one of Ernest Hemingway's best-known novels, a love story told from the perspective of an American serving as an ambulance driver on the World War I war front.

Keeper of the Bees (1935)

Not to confused with the novel of the same name, this film follows the post-combat life of a World War I veteran. Produced in the midst of the Great Depression, the film should be watched both for its tale of a life transformed by war and for its reflection of economic hard times.

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