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World War II: Home Front

World War II: Home Front

Discussion & Essay Questions

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Sample of Discussion & Essay Questions

  1. Big Picture
    • Why was World War II so good for the economy?
      • Who enjoyed increased job opportunities during the war?
        • How did the federal government facilitate the entrance of more women and African Americans into the workforce?
      • Could the federal government stimulate similar economic expansion during peace time?
    • Why were the Japanese singularly targeted for detainment?
      • Why weren't people of Italian or German heritage?
      • Was it their geographic consolidation?
      • Their proximity to the west coast?
      • Their identifiability?
      • Racism?
    • Was the "home front" experience of America's allies similar?
      • Did England's and Russia's economies boom?
        • Did their citizens enjoy full employment?
      • Were there any housing problems or race riots in these countries?
    • Was the Detroit riot the deadliest event of the war on American soil after Pearl Harbor?
    • Overall, how did the wartime experience of American civilians differ from that of European civilians?